We are a community podcast. Below is a list of our contributors- one-timers as well as regulars. Read a bit about them and check out their projects and platforms.


Noah Lomax

Noah hails from Chicago, IL. He is a man with many twists and turns in life. He’s a follower of Christ, a husband, a talk show radio host at Real Talk Radio and a proponent for the justice and fair treatment of his people.



Cedric Lundy

Cedric is a native of Ann Arbor MI who moved to Charlotte NC to begin a career in pastoral ministry. He has served as a youth pastor, a pastor of justice, and he owns a coffee roasting business. He is the co-host of the podcast, Token Confessions where he and Sanchez Fair share stories of life as men of color living in predominantly white spaces.


Dexter Pearce

Dexter Pearce is a mixed brother trying to survive in a black and white world. Lacking the credentials to consider himself a true activist, he settles for practicing law and tackling racism on the side and occasionally finding time to blog. You can check out his blog at

Chakita Patterson

Chakita is the founder of United Street Tours, a speaker, and a consultant with a passion for creating and promoting growth mindsets. United Street Tours is a walking tour company based in Nashville, TN that specializes in black history. The tours put an unconventional spin on city tours, featuring buried stories that were left out of the storyline. 

Jen Kinney

Jen Kinney is a writer and anti-trafficking activist who has dedicated her life to anti-racism work. She is the host of Speaking of Racism, and she is committed to deconstructing racism on all levels, starting within herself.

Charles Johnson

Charles A. Johnson III has been a radio talk show host since 2005. His program, “Straight Talk With Charles Johnson,” has been broadcast on several radio stations in Memphis and the Mid-South over that span. He has been a political insider on Fox 13 News in Memphis, Tennessee. He currently works as a counselor and teacher for non-profit organizations in Adult Education with incarcerated populations and in treatment facilities with at risk youth. He has long been an advocate for Civil Rights, criminal justice reform, and for pro-life causes. A long time Republican, his current political affiliation is Independent of both political parties. He enjoys spending time with his family and lives in Memphis, Tennessee, with his wife and three children.

Michael W. Thomas

Michael Thomas spent the majority of his career in the tech field, and upon sabbatical, decided to pursue photography and discovered his passion.

“Capturing images has provided me the expressive voice of what could be understood as my soul. There is a lot of beauty in the world and equal parts of the ugly. My intent is to capture images of my emotions to share and to spread awareness with an empathetic perspective.”

Aside from photography, Michael is passionate about history. He serves on the Board of Directors at the Marietta Museum of History and teaches classes on African American History. To check out his work, click here

Calvin Moore

Calvin Moore is the host of Leading Questions. Always the inquisitive, skeptical member of his family, Calvin has consistently pushed the boundaries of accepted conventions in his search for truth and understanding. With the rise of new media, he noticed the degradation of dialogue between disparate viewpoints, which led to the creation of this program.

Calvin earned his Bachelor of Science in History Education at Rochester College in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He is currently working towards his second Master’s degree from Biola University in La Mirada, California. Calvin resides in Detroit, Michigan with his wife, Jennifer.

Brigette Jones

Brigette Jones is a 27 year old graduate of Tennessee State University and native of Memphis, TN. She is currently the Director of African American Studies at the Belle Meade Plantation Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. Brigette’s focuses are historic and contemporary race relations in the United States and the history of chattel enslavement in America.

Myisha T

Myisha T is a mental health activist, speaker, and entrepreneur passionate about mental wellness and empowerment for women.

In 2018, Myisha became curious about white women and privilege after ending a relationship with a co-worker that negatively impacted her mental health. This led her to identify her own internalized oppression and racism. Not interested in throw-away culture, she decided to seek out safe ways that white folks are showing up for BIWoC.

Tina Strawn

Tina Strawn has been a fitness professional for the past 14 years where she held several local, regional and corporate titles and has taught hundreds of people each week in the gym setting as a yoga teacher, cycle and group fitness instructor. But in 2018, Tina found herself at the intersection of her social and racial justice activism and her fitness teaching, so she created Satya Yoga Trips, where she leads 3 day anti-racism yoga trips to the lynching memorial and the legacy museum in Montgomery, Alabama, where participants use the philosophy and the practice of yoga as tools to dismantle racism. 

Tina is an anti-racism advocate, as both a student and a facilitator. Having recently relocated with her wife from Atlanta to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Tina now focuses on her anti-racism work full time, which includes the anti-racism/yoga trips to Montgomery, as well as speaking engagements, leading private events and soon she will be launching a series of anti-racism workshops and online webinars. 

John Williams

John has diligently and faithfully worked toward racial reconciliation for almost 30 years. He is passionate about training groups who seek to increase their awareness around biblical multicultural and racial reconciliation, and brings years of experience and expertise in facilitating and training to this work.

John uses facilitating dialogue and interactive exercises as a core element in all of his workshops. These workshops are designed to introduce participants to the deceptive and destructive effects of racism in our lives and the body of Christ, and present opportunities to learn and experience the work of racial reconciliation within a biblical framework. John is a graduate of UC Berkeley and USC Law School.

John has been practicing law for over 20 years, has mediated and facilitated sessions for individuals and small groups in the area of alternative dispute and conflict resolution, and is an adjunct professor at Azusa Pacific University and Life Pacific College teaching on Race, Reconciliation, and Ministry.