Noah Lomax

Noah hails from Chicago, IL. He is a man with many twists and turns in life, who’s come leaps and bounds to become a follower of Christ, a husband, a talk show radio host and a proponent for the justice and fair treatment of his people.

Dexter Pearce

Dexter Pearce is a mixed brother trying to survive in a black and white world. Lacking the credentials to consider himself a true activist, he settles for practicing law and tackling racism on the side and occasionally finding time to blog. You can check out his blog at

Cedric Lundy

Cedric is a native of Ann Arbor MI who moved to Charlotte NC to begin a career in pastoral ministry. He has served as a youth pastor, and pastor of justice, and has his own coffee roasting business. He and Sanchez Fair are the hosts of Token Confessions, a podcast dedicated to sharing their experiences as men of color living in predominantly white spaces.

Jen Kinney

Jen Kinney is a writer and anti-trafficking activist who is deeply involved in anti-racism work. She is dedicated to bridgebuilding, peacemaking, and deconstructing white supremacy, starting with herself.