Joe Rogan Isn’t The Only One Who Doesn’t Understand the Definition of Racism

Join Jen and Cedric Lundy from Token Confessions Podcast as they talk about the actual definition of racism, why there is so much confusion over it, and how Joe Rogan got it wrong on a recent show.


One thought on “Joe Rogan Isn’t The Only One Who Doesn’t Understand the Definition of Racism

  1. I have enjoyed listening to Cedric’s thoughts. Although my courses in graduate and undergraduate school on Cultural Sensitivity and Multicultural Studies were enriching, it was my courses on Black History and Black Literature that were most enlightening. I am glad you emphasized listening to history and the experiences of people within cultures. (Such as Cedric being testing ach year.) Let people be our cultural guides. People can make conclusions about ageism, and other matters, unless we learn to listen. That’s why stories are so vital. That’s why listening to others is so vital. Culture is so much broader than I think. The culture of a young person growing up in Native American communities, or the culture of growing up in a single parent home. Then within those cultures, there are vast differences and other specificities. Broad generalizations are barriers to true understanding. Only listening to the stories of another will move us forward. It’s why I love to read historical fiction. Thank you, Cedric and Jen, for this discussion.

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