Race 2 Dinner with Regina Jackson and Saira Rao


On this week’s episode of Speaking of Racism, Tina and Jen are joined by Regina Jackson and Saira Rao, the creators of Race 2 Dinner.

Tune in to learn more about what brought Regina and Saira together and how they are working to dismantle racism, one conversation at a time.



One thought on “Race 2 Dinner with Regina Jackson and Saira Rao

  1. I listened to this today and was riveted. Fierce and furious with plenty of very justified salt and anger. Thank you so much. Straight talk for sure– I will definitely purchase the book when it is released. Also looked on social media for other connections and found Saira’s political IG. Not only am I white and white privileged, but the bubble I keep myself in has been oblivious to the kind of troll hate that exists out there. Current (outgoing, by a hair) president was my wake-up call and this past few months even more so. Thanks Tina and Jen, and Regina and Saira.


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