One thought on “Black History Month Reflections

  1. It amounts to a form of child abuse to rear one’s very impressionable little children in an environment of overt bigotry — especially against other races and sub-racial groups, i.e. ethnicities.

    Not only does it fail to prepare children for the reality of an increasingly racial/ethically diverse and populous society, but, even worse, it makes it so much less likely those children will be emotionally content or (preferably) harmonious with their multicultural/-racial environment. Children reared into adolescents and, eventually, young adults with such bigotry can often be angry yet not fully realize at precisely what.

    Then they may feel left with little choice but to move to another part of the land, where their race or ethnicity predominates (Kamloops, perhaps?), preferably overwhelmingly so.

    In short, if they refuse to do it for society or themselves, parents should at least do their young children a big favour and NOT pass down onto their developing thus very vulnerable offspring racially/ethnically bigoted feelings and perceptions, nor implicit stereotypes and ‘humour’, for that matter.

    I can imagine that their children, especially in their later years, will be much happier for it.


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