Johnathan and April are millennial, biracial, brother and sister, and hosts of the podcast black&. Listen in as they join Jen to talk about their work, their podcast, and what they refer to as FTR’s: fundamental truths about racism. Follow them at:


Delina Pryce McPhaull is a former journalist and freelance writer, editor, podcaster, and editorial consultant who homeschools her 3 children. She is the creator of the Woke Homeschooling Curriculum and came on the show to talk to Jen about the importance of learning history, teaching children the truth about history, and how we can raise anti-racist kids. This episode is for you whether you have kids and homeschool or not.


In this episode, Jen speaks with Tina Strawn about her journey toward anti-racism work and the creation of Satya Yoga Trips, which are 3-day anti-racism yoga trips to the lynching memorial and the legacy museum in Montgomery, Alabama.  

Tina is an anti-racism advocate, as both a student and a facilitator. Having recently relocated with her wife from Atlanta to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Tina now focuses on her anti-racism work full time, which includes the anti-racism/yoga trips to Montgomery, as well as speaking engagements, leading private events and soon she will be launching a series of anti-racism workshops and online webinars. 

Faith, Race, and the Reconciliation Movement with Will Smith

In this episode, Jen is joined by fellow podcaster, Will Smith of Let’s Talk. Will is a Youth Pastor who holds a degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling, and in this episode, he talks about growing up in the church, his frustration with the racial reconciliation movement, and how people can better approach race, faith, and unity. For more from Will, you can follow him on Instagram at @pastorwill_

Practical Insights Into Anti-Racism with Andre Henry.

This week’s special guest is Andre Henry. Andre is a writer and speaker with a passion for racial justice. He writes a weekly email giving practical insight on antiracism and nonviolent social change.

In this episode, Andre joins Jen to talk about the power of everyday people and the importance of doing the work to create the world we want to see. He talked about what activated his own journey into anti-racism, why hope is essential in this movement, and how people can come together to build the world they want to live in.

How To Be Less Stupid About Race Book Discussion with Myisha T From Check Your Privilege

In this episode, Myisha T from Check Your Privilege joins Jen to discuss the book How To Be Less Stupid About Race by Crystal M. Fleming. The book is a must-read for anyone stepping into anti-racism work. Listen in as Jen and Myisha talk about their own experiences in anti-racism conversations and share their takeaways from the book.

An excerpt from the Beacon Press Website sums it up well: “Fleming unveils how systemic racism exposes us all to racial ignorance—and provides a road map for transforming our knowledge into concrete social change.”