Whitewashing Dr. King, and Realities of Racism in the North with Noah Lomax

It’s MLK day, and Jen is continuing her conversation with Noah Lomax. In today’s episode, she talks about how we need to reject the temptation to turn Dr. King into feel-good memes so we can continue the radical work he started, and Noah shares his insights into racism in the North vs. the South and why we have much work to do.


The Ooh, She’s Speaking podcast is getting a new home and a new name!

When I started Ooh, She’s Speaking in August of last year, I had zero experience with podcasting and no expectation that anyone other than my mother would listen to it. Ask me later if she even does

In the beginning, recording consisted of me crouched in a closet, hoping the kids and dog wouldn’t make noise and recording my random thoughts about anti-racism work into my phone.

4 months later I’ve traded in the phone for an actual mic and moved from sharing my random thoughts, to having amazing conversations about race with people from all over the U.S.

I’ve learned that more people are interested in having and listening in on these conversations than I initially thought.

So with this New Year comes a new name, a new podcast platform, a new website, and even Instagram and Twitter accounts.

If you are curious and want to learn more or if you are interested in listening in on discussions about race, racism, bridge-building, and anti-racism work- this is a podcast for you.

Speaking of Racism is dedicated to the difficult work of conversation, deconstruction, and conciliation. We believe that frank, honest, respectful dialogue is key to moving people toward greater depth of understanding and unity, and ultimately toward shifting the culture.